Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Censored Version K.E. Frederick


Published: May 12th 2013



Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Censored Version  by  K.E. Frederick

Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Censored Version by K.E. Frederick
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Once a comforting companion, Willow’s presence was quickly becoming, not only a menace, but a threat. Baylan could feel Willow getting stronger as she felt her own spirit weaken. Trapped in a world of nothingness, Baylan’s adversary was tired of an existence of borrowed memories and stolen moments. Determined to live the life, which fate had deprived her, Willow was ready to take charge.Baylan’s search for a way to hold on to her existence, uncovers the possibility of love to enter her lonely life, something she had never dared to dream.

During an interview to participate in a paranormal study at the University of Arizona, she discovers Justin, as well as a chance for help. His quest for information about supernatural worlds holds the promise of the answers she needs. The fact that he can see Willow in the mirror is monumental, giving her a glimmer of hope.

Until now, only Baylan’s best friend, Gage, could see Willow. A constant in their lives, he was the lone companion of the pair. The unique relationship shared by the trio, leads Willow to an avenue of escape, as errant spirits from another dimension, aid in her pursuit of Baylan’s life.On her ghostly quest for control, Willow learns to absorb and manipulate energy, allowing her to invade Baylan’s dreams with vividly realistic erotic encounters.

When she is able to take possession of Baylan’s physical being, Willow makes up for lost time, as she uses Baylan’s body to explore a variety of earth-bound pleasures.As Justin and Baylan investigate resources to protect her from a diabolic infestation, they recruit the assistance of Delmarva, ex-beauty queen and psychic/medium extraordinaire. Her quirky metaphysical methods give them a sense of security, albeit a false one. A ghostly presence in Justin’s life also joins them, becoming a pivotal weapon in Baylan’s battle for dominance.Since the loss of his twin brother, years before, Justin’s heart has been shut down.

Unsuccessful attempts to ease his pain, with amorous attention from girls, have closed it down even further. When Baylan enters his life, she draws something wonderful from him. By joining Baylan in her fight for existence, he finds the opportunity to save himself as well. Her struggle with Willow’s presence has caused Baylan to lead a sheltered and secluded life. Keeping her beauty veiled behind a wall of insecurity, her soulful eyes were so often hidden behind the protective barricade of her bangs.

Justin could see the beauty that she kept concealed- he could see her soul. His desire to help Baylan free her spirit from Willow’s, and watch her blossom into her own, ignites unknown passions, enabling them to love and live their lives completely. During their fight with unseen forces, they struggle to overcome their personal demons as they find a larger purpose.

As her nemesis falls from grace, to enact her plan for total domination, Baylan and Justin find a chance to fall in love.

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